Tips to set up Labradar for the most awesomest results

Nota Bene: this post contains excerpts from the Labradar user manual and quick start guide available at the official site here: These, contrary to most of the rest of this site, are certainly not under WTFPL; I hope Labradar would not mind me repeating their instructions. 1. Read the Labradar manual, at least the […]

Shooting calculators at

Everything listed here is free and open source software under the GPL3 license (with a few 3rd party libraries under 3-clause BSD). Enjoy. Plan 33 This is an external ballistics engine, which (yet another…) calculates trajectories for different rifles+bullets in different atmospheric conditions. But this functionality is collateral damage. The main purpose of the […]

What Trasol app actually does (TL/DR review)

Motivations, intentions and disclaimers (brace for impact) This review has been written as a follow-up to this heated and particularly entertaining thread at Sniper’s Hide forums (UPD 2020: since that time, Sniper’s Hide moved back from to the original domain. As a result, all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. But […]

TARAN Download

Latest version (get this one): 2016-01-12 v.1.1 (yojeg1) Version history (for information only, not needed to run the app): Old versions (don’t use them): 2015-06-02 v.1.0 (yojeg) 2015-02-10 v.0.6b (povidlo6) 2015-01-23 v.0.5b (povidlo5) 2015-01-20 v.0.4b (povidlo4) 2015-01-19 v.0.3b (povidlo3) 2015-01-16 v.0.2b (povidlo2) 2015-01-15 v.0.1b (povidlo)

TARAN — User Manual

Original publication date: 2015-01-21 Introduction How often we see Internet snipers posting 5 shot groups to “prove” precision of their rifles, and other Internet snipers drawing thoughtful conclusions on that basis? I have seen too many; anyone of us who has shot more than one 5 (or 3 or 10) shot group in his life […]

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