Labrabaco v.0.7 released

The v = v + 0.1 of the “BC from Labradar tracks” calculator is here: The major change is noise filtering. Most people who have plotted Labradar tracks in spreadsheet software, must have seen occasional tracks of this shape: The tail of the graph — beyond 60 ms — is obvious noise; there is […]

How to mount a rifle scope on a Picatinny rail

In the shooting world, the process of mounting a rifle scope is surrounded by an esoteric halo that to me is absolutely inexplicable. Some gunsmiths do not hesitate to charge obscene sums of money for a procedure that essentially lasts 15 minutes, and they multiply and spread legends with the motto “it’s very, very complicated”. […]

A totally subjective and unscientific test of “long range” rifle scopes: über-expensive vs. reasonably affordable

Full disclosure: To be clear, I am selling the Vortex and Vectors mentioned in the article. I chose them specifically for their qualities, and this test was to validate the choice before recommending them to others. It all started when I tested the “made in China” Vector Continental 34mm 3-18×50 FFP, and I was very […]

Tips to set up Labradar for the most awesomest results

Nota Bene: this post contains excerpts from the Labradar user manual and quick start guide available at the official site here: These, contrary to most of the rest of this site, are certainly not under WTFPL; I hope Labradar would not mind me repeating their instructions. 1. Read the Labradar manual, at least the […]

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