Tips to set up Labradar for the most awesomest results

Nota Bene: this post contains excerpts from the Labradar user manual and quick start guide available at the official site here: These, contrary to most of the rest of this site, are certainly not under WTFPL; I hope Labradar would not mind me repeating their instructions. 1. Read the Labradar manual, at least the […]

Shooting calculators at

Everything listed here is free and open source software under the GPL3 license (with a few 3rd party libraries under 3-clause BSD). Enjoy. Plan 33 This is an external ballistics engine, which (yet another…) calculates trajectories for different rifles+bullets in different atmospheric conditions. But this functionality is collateral damage. The main purpose of the […]

What Trasol app actually does (TL/DR review)

Motivations, intentions and disclaimers (brace for impact) This review has been written as a follow-up to this heated and particularly entertaining thread at Sniper’s Hide forums (UPD 2020: since that time, Sniper’s Hide moved back from to the original domain. As a result, all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. But […]

TARAN Download

Latest version (get this one): 2016-01-12 v.1.1 (yojeg1) Version history (for information only, not needed to run the app): Old versions (don’t use them): 2015-06-02 v.1.0 (yojeg) 2015-02-10 v.0.6b (povidlo6) 2015-01-23 v.0.5b (povidlo5) 2015-01-20 v.0.4b (povidlo4) 2015-01-19 v.0.3b (povidlo3) 2015-01-16 v.0.2b (povidlo2) 2015-01-15 v.0.1b (povidlo)

TARAN — User Manual

Original publication date: 2015-01-21 Introduction How often we see Internet snipers posting 5 shot groups to “prove” precision of their rifles, and other Internet snipers drawing thoughtful conclusions on that basis? I have seen too many; anyone of us who has shot more than one 5 (or 3 or 10) shot group in his life […]

Inclined Fire

D.M., may his days be blessed, done the English translation of the “Inclined fire” series of articles (and that was the start of He is too modest to claim proper credit, but without his help this site would not be. My gratitude is as deep as thorough. This is 2020 version of the article […]

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