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Everything listed here is free and open source software under the GPL3 license (with a few 3rd party libraries under 3-clause BSD). Enjoy.

Plan 33

This is an external ballistics engine, which (yet another…) calculates trajectories for different rifles+bullets in different atmospheric conditions. But this functionality is collateral damage. The main purpose of the tool is to calculate the probability to hit a given target at a given distance in given conditions, as a function of various factors affecting the shooter and the bullet — say bonjour to reality (spoiler: in long-range shooting, the rifle’s own precision and the smallest group at 100 m is by far not the most important factor).

Development is ongoing. To come: full-auto hit probability, as well as automatic generation of über-precise ballistic cards for your, dear reader, own rifle and cartiridge.


TARAN Target Analysis and Rifle Precision is a piece of software to determine shooting precision, by aggregating shot information from multiple targets and groups.


User manual:


Achtung: TARAN was my very first experiment with DOM/CSS (which dom/css I cordially hate since then) and JavaScript. The code is bleeding-eyes butt-ugly spaghetti, even by my rather loose programming standards. You have been warned.


This is a prototype, which is supposed to calculate bullets’ ballistic coefficients from measures taken by Labradar devices. Yes, it is probably possible. No, I don’t know yet how precise it is (or isn’t). More news on this point to come real soon.

Complete source code archive:
(so that you don’t have to extract it from the browser cache)

Shooting calculators at
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