Labrabaco v.0.5 beta is out

Labrabaco is a tool to calculate G7 BC values from Labradar tracks. Rejoice, citizens! The first official beta is out.


Typical results look like this (different measurement sessions for the same projectile are listed separately):

Bulletref BCBC srcvalid tracksbaco BCdiff, %
GP90 (Fass90)0.166CH armee [*]150.1670.7%
GP110.274CH armee [*]160.270-1.4%
RUAG BALL 8.60.312vendor [*]70.3161.1%
Lapua Scenar-L 7.62 155gr0.230vendor160.2300.1%
GP90 (SG-553-LB)0.166CH armee140.166-0.1%
Hornady ELDM 6.5 147gr0.351vendor160.332-5.4%
Berger EOL 6.5 156gr0.347vendor40.3521.3%
Hornady ELDM 5.56 73gr0.200vendor50.2063.0%
Hornady ELDM 6.5 147gr0.351vendor50.337-4.1%
Hornady ELDX 6.5 143gr0.315vendor40.312-1.0%
Hornady ELDX 7 175gr0.347vendor190.3531.6%
SMK 223 69gr0.169Litz [**]100.167-1.1%
Hornady ELDX 6.5 143gr0.315vendor70.315-0.1%
Hornady ELDX 7 175gr0.347vendor220.3511.2%
[*] from trajectory / downrange velocity data
[**] Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting, 2nd ed.

“Ref BC” is a known good G7 BC from “BC src”. “Baco BC” lists the values calculated by labrabaco from radar tracks.

For all but one bullet, it looks perfectly ok for most practical applications (<2%).

Wish I had an adult-size Doppler radar to check if Hornady ELDM 6.5 147gr really behaves so differently from all other bullets tested.

Labrabaco v.0.5 beta is out
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