Labrabaco v.0.7 released

The v = v + 0.1 of the “BC from Labradar tracks” calculator is here:

The major change is noise filtering. Most people who have plotted Labradar tracks in spreadsheet software, must have seen occasional tracks of this shape:

The tail of the graph — beyond 60 ms — is obvious noise; there is no way speed can increase downrange. Now Labrabaco can detect and eliminate such data points, and make sense even of very dirty signal, and make better sense of clean signals too.

Special thanks go to entoptics from forums for his excellent suggestions and observations!

Also, a bug has been fixed: for those who care, Labrabaco now understands tracks recorded with “ft” distance units (did not try it myself, but should work ok).

In the works for future v.0.8: BC calculation for G1 and GL standard models, interface cleanup, indications of data and results quality, etc.

Stay tuned.

Labrabaco v.0.7 released
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